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Sunday, November 05, 2006

wiener theif rides around "shining"

1:25pm A man at 1406 N. Garland Ave. reported someone stole the bratwurst he was grilling and a fork while he was inside watching a football game.

10:51am A woman at 1519 S. School Ave. reported an elderly man on his hands and knees with his bottom "shining."

3:10pm A woman at 4379 W. Thrasher (yes, Thrasher) Drive reported trash thrown all over her yard, condoms on her porch and egg on her house.

2:37pm A man at 1416 Colby Circle reported someone threw a half loaf of bread at him from a car while he mowed his lawn.

5:41am A caller at Flash Market, 3601 Moberly Lane, reported an intoxicated driver pulled up to the gas pumps and fell asleep.

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