cars, youths, drunks, fights, drugs, beer, guns, stealing, dogs, nudity...

Monday, November 06, 2006

in a cloud of marijuana smoke...

9:26pm A man on East Maple Street reported his girlfriend kicked in his front door and threw a can of beets at him.

4:09pm A woman at 2002 Christy reported people breaking into her home and poisoning her soap so her clothes would stink.

6:24pm A woman on North College Avenue reported a man grabbed and rubbed against her after she declined a date with him.

5:02pm A man on North Old Cincinatti Road reported a man known as "Chewy" threatened to "bury" him.

1:50pm A caller at 1318 S. College reported people that look "confused" folding clothes on a table and walking across the street.

3:20pm A man at 19493 W. Arkansas 16 reported someone let a man into his house to sleep on the couch. The caller said the man started kicking his wheelchair and table when he awoke.

8:02pm A caller at 12631 Kenneth Price Road reported a man in his 20s asked an 80 year-old woman for directions, then returned and asked if she would go to the movies with him.

11:20pm A bartender at 326 West Ave. reported a trespassing man with a shirt with the message "Bring me a beer."

2:20am A man at 1001 W. Stone Street reported he was locked inside a building that he entered. The caller said he entered it because the door was open, and he wanted "to see what it was like inside."

9:10am A caller at 306 N. University reported a vehicle. The caller said the vehicle was unlocked, and a key was not needed to start it.

3:44pm A man at 1151 W. Hefley reported the marijuana he smoked was "laced" with something.

9:33pm A woman at 2867 E Gordon Long Drive reported a "strange haze" in her bedroom, and that she thought a neighbor had been cooking drugs.

5:34pm A caller at 1509 S. West End Ave. reported an intoxicated man arguing with himself. An officer later reported that he was singing.

2:38pm A man at Whistler Mobile Home Park on South Old Missouri Road reported possible prostitution because there are a lot of men coming and going into a mobile home.

6:42pm A woman on North Shamblin Avenue reported people on bicycles circling her and asking if she called the police.

8:01pm A caller at 215 Watson Street reported a man took presents, unwrapped them and then returned them wrapped.

9:36am A woman at 8500 W. Miller Road reported 30 cows in her yard.

7:33pm- A man at 614 W. Cleveland St. reported that he lost his "pot" and would like an officer to bring over a dog to help him find it. The caller said that he thought he lost it in the couch.


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